Hope and Change at Easter

“…living in a world whose leaders seem determined not to learn from disaster…”            -Paul Krugman

I read this in a piece in the NY Times, and immediately heard the DEEP VOICE (DV) that does movies trailers. Sounds like a cool new flick, with serious actors and high drama, where the stakes are the future survival of the world itself.  (DV) WILL THEY SURVIVE????

While Krugman’s piece itself was not so melodramatic, the end question isn’t really that different. Will WE survive those who would sacrifice the many in order to preserve the wealth of a few?

I wonder about our future on this Easter Sunday, a time of Nature’s rebirth, of brown giving away to green, of chill finally taking it’s leave and making room for the warmth to come. Can the dark chill of racial and ethnic hatred be dissolved away by the light that is Truth and Love? Will the chill of austerity enforced by class give way to the warmth that is charity and brotherhood?

We can hope; and we can be buoyed that, like the birds returning after winter, there are signs of a coming thaw.

I am not a Catholic, but it seems to me that the new Pope, Francis, in his actions and messages, has demonstrated a desire to get back to the original mission… helping the poor of the world. That can only be a good thing. He laughed and smiled as he reached out to the ‘flock’ and both touched and was touched by those whom he serves. (And unlike our Evangelical leaders, he didn’t weep openly as he told us how much God wanted us to give him our money.) It was a fine scene, one that engendered much hope for the future. I hope he has a sit down talk with our Cardinal Dolan, one that discusses who their customers REALLY are, and what their mission is, and is not.

Here in the US, there are more women serving in Congress than ever before. There is now a PAC dedicated to helping women run for office.  I’m a believer in gender equality, the notion that our sex makes us physically different but not less capable or valued under the Law. Women are not, by virtue of their gender, immune from the political processes that corrupt; but by virtue of, for ages being on the short end of society’s benefits, women are more likely to tear down the closed and unfair rules, and replace them with open and fair rules for everyone. If nothing else, I’d like to believe that a Congress with more women wouldn’t go to great ends to protect the unborn child at the expense of the child already living. As long as our government is intent on legislating women’s bodies and the morality of everyone, I feel better having women there to temper the dull chill of testosterone, and to make sure that everyone has a plate at the dinner table.

Outside of the US, England has agreed to honor a vote on Scottish Independence! Can Ireland be far behind? Yes, it can, despite recent apologies and mea culpas from the UK government. I recently met new friends through a young Irishman’s blog, and have learned that while passions still run hot, the republican ideals of yesteryear belong to yesteryear; today’s people have their own lives and passions and loyalties, and like us in America, sometimes their own tightly held ignorances as well.  I don’t agree with all that I read, but I thank them all for sharing their opinions and views, even the troglodytic, and wish them Peace.

Because people are people, and we’re more alike than not.

This Easter, my prayer is for peace, love and understanding to prevail upon all of the Peoples of the world.

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